At Magellan Health, we’re proud to serve our members and help those who need us most. We lead humanity to healthy, vibrant lives -- whatever the circumstances. Our diverse and talented workforce does so by making powerful contributions to the industry.

We’re active agents of change, who challenge, innovate and strive to empower our members to live their best life. We listen to, understand and openly embrace new ways of working, which makes us smarter, more efficient and adaptable. We know we ask a lot of each other, but our massive transformative purpose can only be achieved when we work together towards one, unified vision.


  • We’re Compassionately Curious. At Magellan Health, we listen with real empathy. We listen to understand and to take actions that lead to a positive impact on our customers and our members’ lives. Because of this, we find more opportunities to drive change and improvement across the healthcare industry. Our innate understanding leads us to ask more questions and demand better outcomes via innovation and change.

For our team members, this means that we have an expectation that everyone who works at Magellan listens with care, and in return, are empowered to find the best way forward.

  • We’re Better Together. We rely on our innate ability to work as a high functioning collaborative team to deliver compassionate care to all our members. Our natural inter-dependency accelerates trust, positive challenge and innovation. With speed and fluidity, we not only excel for our members and customers, we out- collaborate our competition too.

For our team members, this means that we have an expectation that everyone who works at Magellan challenges one another with respect, and in return, finds collaboration and support from their team members and leaders. 

  • A-Game Only. We’re a collective of remarkably motivated and driven professionals. As a team, we’re proud of the high standards we set for each other and we’re continually inspired to personally deliver the best we can offer those around us.

For our team members, this means that we have an expectation that everyone who works at Magellan brings their best and does their best work. We want all our of team members and candidates to feel inspired to bring good ideas forward, which in turn creates a sense of satisfaction, because good ideas can be implemented quickly here.

  • Work-Life Flow. We believe work and life should flow together in unison. Sometimes work demands a lot from you and other times you need to fit work around your life. We trust our team to get the job done in the most effective way they can and we’re repaid with highly productive and energized people we can rely on.

For our team members, this means that if things are getting done, they have flexibility in how and where it gets done. It’s also an admission that things are not always perfectly balanced, there are times when your job can be very demanding. But, if you have a willingness to give, you’ll appreciate the freedom to take. And most importantly, we’re communicating to candidates and employee that we trust them to know when to give and when to take.

At Magellan, we recognize that life can’t always be perfectly balanced and our people warrant more freedom to make productive and healthy choices about when to work and when to enjoy life.